Leaf Bug in my driveway

Leaf Bug in my driveway

I saw a leaf bug today. It looked totally like a leaf. It was on my driveway. I was curious if it was poisonous, so I went and grabbed a bucket. When I put the bucket over the bug, I lifted the bucket but it wasn’t there. When I turned the bucket over it flew out and into a tree. I had know idea it could fly and know I cant find it in the tree.


8 responses to “Leaf Bug in my driveway

  1. Fun Facts that I looked up about Leaf Bugs:
    -They are among the most successful camouflagers known to exist in the animal kingdom.
    -A leaf bug is capable of regeneration. If it loses its limb, it can replace it the next time it molts (periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles). —–Females are flightless and so the hindwings have no function. The male has small tegmina and ample, non-leaflike, functional hindwings.

  2. Bugs are fun. Some folks are afraid of them (like most girls). There’s so much you can learn just by watching! You must have scared him. I think that’s why he wanted to “leave” you. Ha!

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